I am demotivated.

Before I publish updates I mentioned in the previous entry, let me tell you about how I have lost the energy to do (most) academic-related tasks. Before, I was able to recuperate, to regain my lost energy, after being low-key for about a week or two. For about a month now, I haven’t been doing anything “heavy”. I was supposed to feel motivated. Now I feel like a worn out battery that needs replacing.

I think it began this semester. I can’t point out exactly when, but eventually, I wasn’t as eager to do group work, to write reports and do the laboratory exercises. I felt like my mind and body were “done” even before I actually became done being a student.

Is this what it feels like to be a senior? No one told me about the possibility of being burnt out (almost to the point of no return) after years and years of being subjected to anxiety-inducing, sleep-depriving tasks that are supposed to help us get a good job after getting out of the university.


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