jl5yiprmErika is a recent graduate of the University of the Philippines. She likes sci-fi films and anything Marvel-related. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies and catch up on the episodes of TV shows she had missed. She also enjoys taking pictures (usually of nature or food), drawing, reading, and napping.

Browsing illustrations, graphic design-related things, as well as reading posts under the prose tag (on Tumblr) keeps her hungry soul satisfied. As much as she tries to be inspiring and poetic, though, she ends up saying things in a non-artsy manner. She also likes graphic designing and writing. (Portfolio should be up soon!)

Her biggest challenge to date is to be brave enough to get out of her comfort zone and to keep herself from procrastinating excessively. You can see how she how she has been handling the situation on her Twitter account. Say hi at metbflor@gmail.com.


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