Leaving: Being a stranger to permanence and too acquainted with loneliness

If you had to choose, would you want to be the one who leaves? Or would you want to be left?

Based on experience, I’d rather be the latter. I’ve always had feelings of leaving loose ends when I go.

The first time I remember this happening was in the fourth grade. The classes were named after a flower I have now forgotten and a color (e.g. red rose). So, I was the only one in our friend group (there were three of us) to be put in a different class. I was in yellow, they were in red. I remember hating that school year so much because I felt left out, isolated. Although I don’t think my mother meant it, she kind of made me feel worse when she said something along the lines of “Ay, ba’t ganon? Kawawa ka naman!” (Why was it like that? You poor thing!)
We’ve been best friends and classmates since daycare and it was just plain upsetting to be apart from them. We still saw each other during recess, sometimes. To add insult to injury, I left the country at the end of the school year so the chances of being with them became even slimmer. Continue reading “Leaving: Being a stranger to permanence and too acquainted with loneliness”


At a Crossroads

If I were to sum up the things I’ve learned in my college degree, it would be that:

  1. Communication and media can be used as a tool for human development in all aspects
  2. We (“development communicators”), by any means, cannot impose our values or opinions to the marginalized; we are merely facilitators of development
  3. Last but absolutely not the least, the golden rule of development communication: know your audience

The last one is my personal favorite because creating person-centered messages makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kind of. It’s like making a unique and personalized present for a friend (i.e. your stakeholders). Then again, from a different perspective, I think this is a marketing tool as well? (Correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t know much about marketing.)

  • Having said that, devcom and marketing are two sides of the same coin; communication being the coin lol
    • it’s just that you have a different purpose for each: devcom, to facilitate change; marketing, to sell.
    • both need to do research among the stakeholders/market before doing any campaigns or programs
  • I hope you learned something from this segment, as I am posting this mostly on my behalf in an effort to clear my head.

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[rant] I still don’t know why I’m here. It’s like my soul is experiencing sleep paralysis and instead of not being able to move my limbs, I can’t move my physical body to a different country. Before we came here, although I already had the urge to not leave, I didn’t think it would grow to be this strong. I told my mother. In turn, she told be to just book an earlier flight. Should I? Should I actually buy a plane ticket after getting my first salary?
(Very tempting.)

Besides having feelings of not wanting to be here, I’m also not liking the idea of being around my parents. Back in university (i.e. ~3 months ago), I guess I enjoyed being away from them too much? Somehow, being around them hinders me from being who I want to be, from doing whatever I want to do. It’s like my brain goes into “sheep mode”, as in, I’m going to have to live up to their standards and do what they want me to do even if I don’t want to. [bleats]

Although they claim to be supportive of what I want to do, why does it feel like they’re only supportive of what they want me to do (e.g. get a job ASAP instead of letting me take a break)? h a l p

We don’t deserve this.

painting by Johnny Morant

Science says that we’re the smartest animals on Earth because we can think critically and rationally and stuff. But because of cases about sexual harassment, rape, and other similar things, I’m kind of starting to think otherwise.

After watching Heneral Luna tonight, my sister and I decided to get coffee at 7eleven. When we were by the coffee machine, one employee stood behind me and I saw from the reflection of the coffee machine that he was checking me out.

(I don’t usually like to swear in my posts but)

What the fuck, man?

I can’t see why some men would do that. I wasn’t even wearing anything flattering — I had gym shorts on and a white, baggy printed crew neck shirt. I wasn’t worth oggling.  Continue reading “We don’t deserve this.”