Dear Adults*

How do you find the motivation to finish things? People on the internet (and plenty of students) say that the deadline is the greatest motivation of all but it seems like I’ve grown apathetic towards it. Although, since you’re probably getting paid by whoever it is you’re working for, it’s relatively easier to get things done. Maybe.

I’m a senior college student and although science says that a person’s brain should have already developed its capability to be logical, rational, and good at decision-making by the time they have reached the ripe old age of eighteen, my brain hasn’t quite… fully-developed this capability. I mean, I can make rational decisions but I’m still heavily impulsive. Continue reading “Dear Adults*”


To my parents

Please don’t ever blame yourselves for how I’m going to turn out.

Usually, how a kid acts or grows up is a reflection of how well they were “parented”. When s/he (in society’s terms) is seen a “screw-up”, they’re going to blame it on the parents, saying that they should have paid more attention during their formative years, blah blah. And when kids become these geniuses who seem like they can save the world or something, they give credit to how good the parents were. It is true, though. Parents have a huge role in developing one’s personality but there are other factors that should be considered when trying to decipher what went right or wrong.

So if people start asking me or you about myself, don’t worry, I’m going to defend you guys. Because it’s not as if you told be to be who I am at this point in my life. Continue reading “To my parents”

To all of my groupmates:

Typically, I’m not the kind of person who would avoid responsibility in group activities. I’ve always been active in setting up group accounts or threads, in making sure that every part of the output is all accounted for.

However, this semester, I’ve been performing poorly. Sort of.

Continue reading “”