prompt 03

Riya is ready. Sorta.

She, her mother, her sister Advi, and her aunts woke up at three in the morning to get everything set for her wedding at 10am. There is only about an hour and a half before the ceremony began, and she is getting jittery. The older women left her room to help with the preparations at the hall. Only her younger sister was with her in the room. Riya is sitting on the dresser, looking at her reflection. “It’s D-day,” she thought. Something has been bothering her for a couple of months now, and she has to talk to someone about it. She turned to her sister, who was sitting on the bed, scrolling on her smartphone.

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prompt 02

It’s been two years, 11 months, and one day since Eric and Reese last saw each other. Sitting in a corner of her favorite bookstore, Reese has been contemplating whether she should stay in the city; she was supposed to meet him for coffee later.

She breathed out. Unconsciously, she had been holding her breath. “Will anything good even come out of this?” she asked herself, somewhat anxious. Although they aren’t necessarily on bad terms at the moment, she and Eric aren’t exactly the best of friends either. She wanted to catch up, though. What has he been up to? Is he still taking extra classes? Is he studying now? Has he been talking to their mutual friends? Because it’s not as if he’s a stranger to her. She used to know his thoughts, his dreams. Eric had been a part of her life. Back then, a day without talking to him would have felt incomplete. Plus, Eric was the one who invited her. Maybe he wanted to know how she’s doing now, too? Or maybe, just maybe… he wanted to get back with her since they didn’t really have closure?

Reese quickly shrugged off the last thought. “Please. That’s irrational,” she thought.

Possible scenarios ran through her head, though.
If they do meet up, they might be able to treat each other like how they would treat their other friends. They would, maybe, hug as a greeting? Perhaps a handshake may do. Then they’ll talk about what they’ve done during the time they haven’t been in contact with each other. Or, they could just be awkward toward each other: not being able to make eye contact, dead air, anxiety. Que horror!
What if he’s trying to invite her to work for him, because, surprise! He’s a big shot CEO at some company that’s quickly gaining fame. What if he’s trying to invite her to his wedding, though…? By this time, the creases on her forehead increased; Reese’s ideas were getting worse by the minute.

However, if he or she cancels the meetup, all the unnecessary stress would stop. She can continue on her book-buying spree and spend the night reading or binge-watching. Alone. Slowly, she stopped feeling tense.

That idea suddenly seemed more appealing to her than to meet with an ex. After all, an ex is an ex — you two broke up for a reason. Do you need to be reminded why?

If you were Reese, what would you have done?

prompt from writeworld

prompt 01*

*for 2016

Dan was exhausted.
(“Exhausted” is a little bit of an understatement, though.)

He has covered approximately 2650 meters of the 5000-meter run. Sweat drops from his forehead, down to his brows. Dan can’t feel his legs anymore and it feels like his lungs can’t get the right amount of oxygen his body needs to function but he has to keep pushing himself off the ground; he keeps running because he wasn’t ready to give up quite yet. Nope.

“Three more laps,” he thought. Being the slightly weak-willed kid that he was, Dan’s coach always reminded him to never go halfway, to always finish what he started. One of the best things he heard from his coach was, “Think about why you started doing this in the first place. And whenever you feel like giving up, hold on to whatever it is that made you do it.” Plus he promised his mother that he was going to bring home a trophy. It didn’t matter if he placed first, second, or third. As long as he brings home one, he’s happy.

One foot after the other, he keeps on running.
It came to a point where he stopped counting the laps he has done. Before he knew it, he crossed the finish line. He slows down to a jog, then he stops, panting heavily. His coach gives him a bottle of water and a towel. Then he hands him something bigger, slightly heavier than a bottle — a trophy. First place. He did it.

prompt from writeworld


It’s 11 pm on a Friday and the two are hanging out at the square, drinking to their hearts’ content because it’s the last day of the semester. Fortunately, tonight isn’t raining. And it had been raining every day since the beginning of the month. Gavin and Em were talking about how it’s very unlikely to keep a boy-girl relationship platonic. (Pff.)

“…And what if I did love you?” He asked her jokingly.

He’s been contemplating on telling her. He knows how she feels about these things – she’s not the mushy type. It kind of freaks her out when guys confess to her and all. But this is the first time, in years, that he feels like his chest was about to burst of happiness or whatever warm, gooey thing it was that filled the ventricles of his heart.

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Mira was on her bed one morning, reading a book she bought from a book sale a few days ago. She wasn’t expecting her best friend-slash-roommate for another couple of days, so she was surprised when she saw her suddenly coming through the door.

“You’re here early. What–” She looked up. Blood rushed from her face and instantly felt worried, scared. “What… happened?”

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